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27 January 2008 @ 09:39 pm
Fanmix: Ron and Hermione/ Everything in its Right Place  

RON/HERMIONE: everything in its right place

JASON WALKER: you fill my heart
when i, i saw your face
it was like a space in my heart was filled
it's like i knew it from the very start
that you were every other part of me

MATT KEARNEY: breathe in, breathe out
we push and pull, and i fall down sometimes
and i'm not letting go, you hold the other line
'cause there is a light in your eyes, in your eyes

missed the last train home
birds pass by to tell me that i'm not alone
well i'm pushing myself to finish this part, i can handle a lot
but the one thing i'm missing is in your eyes
in your eyes

ROLLING STONES: wild horses
i know i dreamed you a sin and a lie
i have my freedom but i don't have much time
fate has been broken, tears must be cried
let's do some living after we die /
wild horses wouldn't drag me away
wild, wild horses, we'll ride them someday

BEN LEE: begin
i'm thinking about the city, it's living proof people need to be together
i'm thinking about how i just want to open up
and give and give and give /
and it's okay for you to care; cause i can feel you in the air
and while you wonder, 'how's this gonna end?'
i only wanted to begin

TAYLOR SWIFT: mary's song (oh my my my)
a few years had gone and come around, we were sitting at our favourite spot in town
when you looked at me and got down on one knee /
i'll be eighty-seven; you'll be eighty-nine
i'll still look at you like the stars that shine
in the sky, oh my my my...

JOSEPH ARTHUR: you're so true
hope you know you inspire me
you're a flower, and i'm a bee; i need you /
you're strange, and i'm strange
don't want you to change, no way

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wonderwall: ab: linesuncommonthing on January 28th, 2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you!